2019.7.1 shanghai-Oriental Pearl Tower’s Exhibit Brings Alice’s Wonderland to Life

Alice in Wonderland fans rejoice. A brand-new digital art exhibition debuted at the Oriental TV Tower earlier this week, turning the landmark of Shanghai into a fairytale world, reports Shine.

Occupying a space of 2,500 square meters, the exhibition, officially dubbed ‘Alice –The Return to Wonderland,’ brings the classic settings from the franchise into reality through state of the art technology.

Together there are 20 interactive activities for visitors to immerse themselves in. They can jump into the rabbit hole just like Alice did in the Magic Elevator or attend a tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare in the Afternoon Tea area.

Apart from reliving classic plots from the story, visitors can also let their imagination run wild and paint fantastical creatures on the digital interactive screen or simply strike different poses and take fabulous pictures in this dreamlike setting.

The exhibition is presented by a world-renowned art installation team from Russia called Hello Computer. The exhibition first debuted in Russia and was a huge success, attracting millions of visitors. Before making its way to Shanghai, the exhibition has also traveled to Austria and South Korea, where it has become a sensation.

The exhibition opened July 1 and will be open to the public for six months, wrapping up on December 31.