Shenzhen Alice: The Return to Wonderland–Ready to voyage down a rabbit hole

Fans of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” should enjoy this new trip through Wonderland.

“Alice: The Return to Wonderland,” a digital art exhibition organized by Hello Tale Investment Co. Ltd., is being held at China International Consumer Electronics Exchange/Exhibition Center (CEEC) in Futian District. Get ready to voyage down the rabbit hole into a land beyond your wildest dreams.

At the exhibition, visitors can wear the Red Queen’s big red wig, try the Mad Hatter’s various colorful hats, “crack” teacups to wake up the Dormouse and “feed” the Jubjub bird. Meet the Cheshire Cat who grins at you all the time and don’t be late for a very important date at the Mad Hatter’s tea party! Discover the enchanting world of Alice like never before! There’s also a large painting zone for family.

A visitor tries on a hat at the “Alice: The Return to Wonderland” exhibition.

“The exhibition provides educational outcomes in the areas of art, literature, history, technology, storytelling and creativity. It inspires children through educational play and visual immersion,” said Wang Geng, general manager of Hello Tale.

“The C programing language provides constructs that map efficiently to typical computer instructions; likewise, the stories and morality of fairytales construct children’s earliest values and views. I hope this magical exhibition will help children learn more about the timeless story by Lewis Carroll,” said Wang.

With larger-than-life projections, iconic set pieces and Carroll’s classic characters re-imagined in a new format, the exhibition was created by Russian company Hello Computer.

A child at the exhibition.

“The exhibition is a high-tech, interactive and immersive adventure. We created the concept of ‘phigital,’ that is ‘physical + digital,’ a new and exciting format. Visitors are not only spectators but also participants in the exhibition. Your movements will activate the cartoon characters on the digital projections. By throwing toys, making graffiti and playing games, parents will recover their lost childhood memories while children will sense the future,” said Maxim Yahontov, CEO of Hello Computer.